Bauwens promises quality in projects, processes and partnerships.


370+ Employees



locations in Germany: Cologne, Rhine-Ruhr, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt


Billion € project development volume including joint ventures as of 6/1/19


Mio. € construction services pipeline as of 6/1/19

Founded in 1873 as a family-owned business with Cologne roots, we now operate from six locations in all major German cities.

Ueber Uns Standorte Koeln
Ueber Uns Standorte Berlin
Ueber Uns Standorte Muenchen
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Paul Bauwens Adenauer

Paul Bauwens-Adenauer

Managing Partner

Patrick Adenauer

Dr. Patrick Adenauer

Managing Partner

Alexander Jacobi

Alexander Jacobi

Managing Partner

Martin Schick

Martin Schick

Managing Director, Bauwens Construction GmbH & Co. KG

Kevin Mattiszik

Kevin Mattiszik

Managing Director, Bauwens Construction GmbH & Co. KG

Andre Triphaus Woltermann

André Triphaus-Woltermann

Managing Director, Bauwens Construction GmbH & Co. KG

Alexander Reichhuber

Dr. Alexander Reichhuber

Managing Director, Bauwens digital GmbH

Tmp Ueber Uns Gesellschaften Holding

Bauwens GmbH & Co. KG

We drive company-wide progress with strategy and foresight. Our success is based on the interaction of corporate development, human resources, finance and accounting in cooperation with all other divisions.

Tmp Ueber Uns Gesellschaften Development

Bauwens Development GmbH & Co. KG

We develop residential and commercial real estate, neighborhoods, office buildings and hotels. On the basis of market analyses, we create sustainable value for investors and owner-occupiers - start of a cost-effective construction process.

Tmp Ueber Uns Gesellschaften Construction

Bauwens Construction GmbH & Co. KG

In the realisation of projects, we are a strong partner in all service phases - in building services, architecture, special request management and the control of all trades according to Lean Construction.

Tmp Ueber Uns Gesellschaften Asset Managment

Bauwens Asset Management GmbH & Co. KG

In order to maintain the value of a property, its attractiveness and vitality in the long term, we consider its entire life cycle. Technical
aspects, smart components and tenant management round off our offering.

Ueber Uns Digital Gmbh

Bauwens digital GmbH

We pursue innovative concepts and invest in promising ideas and companies. Always with the aim of constantly improving our products. Thus, digital real estate is already becoming reality today.

Tmp Ueber Uns Gesellschaften Silver Cloud


SILVER CLOUD invests in portfolio properties with value-increase potential, focusing on the German real estate market.

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