Real estate development

Our project development is based on solid market knowledge and a good feel for the best locations in the various metropolitan areas.

With a strong sense of responsibility for the inherent urban planning context, we develop both individual projects as well as entire neighborhoods that are closely connected to their surroundings and provide an environment that offers a high quality of life – all the while maintaining our focus on individual user requirements, economic aspects and ecology.


  • Market knowledge and location analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Urban planning concepts
  • Neighborhood developments
  • Planning permission
  • Design competitions
  • Moderation of civic involvement, including public hearings
  • Tenant and investor management
  • Sustainability certification (national and international)

Real Estate Planning

When you work with us, success is plannable, on schedule and on budget. Our integral planning expertise allows us to map out all of the different planning phases.

By using Building Information Modeling (BIM) as the foundation for our planning, it is possible for us to manage all external services. Our overall planning is perfectly synchronized with the completion of the building, as is the work of our special-request management team.


  • Integrated planning
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Comprehensive management of all key players in the planning process
  • In-house draft and execution planning
  • Concept design/optimization of building services
  • Structural design
  • Special-request management

Real Estate Construction

Whether urban residential districts, offices, hotels, retail parks, shopping centers, or any type of mixed-used real estate – our project teams will handle all construction phases, including management, with the highest efficiency.

Getting an early start on the project is important to us. We provide consistent, digital process management for smooth execution, and consistently high-quality implementation.


  • All general contractor services
  • Systematic construction phasing based on Lean Construction methodology
  • Scheduling reliability
  • Cost certainty
  • Planning security
  • Long-term partnership
  • Construction team model

Real Estate Operation

When we look at a piece of real estate, we take into account its entire life cycle – including the use phase. This allows us to recognize its value appreciation potential and to develop a targeted plan for achieving it.

Because we are responsive to new use requirements, such as technical building innovations or measures to facilitate building management, we ensure that buildings remain dynamic and attractive.


  • Property management
  • Tenant and investor management
  • Energy contracting
  • Value analysis and conceptualization
Build Expertise Bim


From the design phase to the start of construction, all of our work is done using digital building modeling.

Build Expertise Lean Construction

Lean Construction

This methodology enables us to achieve a consistently high level of quality and an on-schedule construction process.

Build Expertise Energy Contracting

Digitalization 4.0

Learning, standardized processes are the innovative engine of our interdisciplinary cooperation.

Build Expertise Energy Contracting

Energy solutions

Our decentralized, project-specific solutions offer ecological alternatives for energy supply.

Build Epbb Technologie 01
Build Epbb Technologie 02

Our investment – your benefit

We go a step further – for our projects, we invest in selected technologies that we also, as a company, support.

By doing this, we are already working today to create digital properties and to collaborate on the further development of innovative ideas.

Build Epbb Qualitaet 01
Build Epbb Qualitaet 02

Excellence becomes reality

Because real estate – the places where we live, work and shop – inspires us, construction quality, cost control and adherence to schedules are both the result of and the standard for our work.

At Bauwens, our high quality standards are already in place during project conception: they take on concrete form during the comprehensive planning process and lead to reliable results in the execution of the project.

Tmp Build Epbb Zusammenarbeit 01
Tmp Build Epbb Zusammenarbeit 02

Driving progress together

Our highest priority is the work we do with our project partners and clients. Together, we guide projects to an overall outstanding outcome.

We also take this a step further, by encouraging our employees to forge new pathways, bringing in fresh ideas that contribute to the continuous improvement of both our company and the projects in which we are involved.


Creating Excellence

Good projects require strong partners.

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