Courage and Character

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Our employees are determined individuals who want to make a difference together. Therefore, we work independently and interdisciplinary and are constantly looking for new challenges to help us move forward.

Continuing Education

Our diverse continuing education options are the best way to improve your personal and technical abilities and to actively shape your own advancement.

Fitness & Nutrition

We offer a diverse, professionally coached fitness program. Corresponding healthy food as well as good coffee are available in our Bauraum Café.


We provide our employees with state-of-the-art, high-quality work spaces and technology. This inspires motivation and enables employees to work remotely.

Retirement Planning

The company pension scheme is particularly important for younger generations. Together with our partner, we secure our personnel individually - with an employer's supplement.

Work-Life Balance

We want to ensure that work and leisure time are in balance. For us this includes interesting, complex tasks as well as flexible working hours.


Only together can we get things done. This is why we promote social interaction and a sense of togetherness through team events, excursions, and Carnival and Christmas parties.


Your career starts with us and an excellent education. Among other opportunities, we offer the following:

  • Dual course of studies in civil engineering
  • Professional training for the position of industrial management assistant
  • Professional training for the position of architectural draftsman

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University education provides important specialized knowledge for your career. Among other opportunities, we offer the following:

  • Internships during your studies
  • Student worker positions
  • Final thesis

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Questions about starting your career with us? We’ll be glad to answer them.

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