Best location

Invest in commercial property in German metropolitan areas with the highest appreciation potential!


Contemporary living spaces

Benefit from convenient urban infrastructure!


Sophisticated architecture

Take advantage of flexible space concepts tailored to your individual requirements!


Established quality

Rely on our experience with materials, technology and furnishings!

With our standard of excellence for Bauwens real estate, we guarantee not only across-the-board professionalism, but a perfect new home as well

Urban Excellence

  • Development
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Operation
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Tailored planning

With commercial properties, we focus on optimal use for both customers and employees: from the raw land, to the planning, all the way to completion.

This is how we bring spaces into being that meet with your exact requirements – and those of your portfolio as well. We can either construct new buildings or revitalize existing ones: for you or, as partners, together with you.

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Endless flexibility

As businesses grow, space requirements change. Modern business premises benefit from an agile, individual concept.

This is why we believe that when it comes to building use, flexibility is extremely important. Speak with our advisors about your individual needs.

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Smart technology

Digital building management offers today’s businesses a high degree of security, transparency and, above all, savings potential.

We develop and install innovative solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. In doing this, we are also able to integrate existing systems from other vendors.

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Productive atmosphere

Within our properties, we always strive to create impressive business spaces and comfortable work environments.

Modern, functional architecture supports a work-life balance, acting as a motivational force and generating optimal economic benefits.

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Benchmark for quality

Sustainably developed and built properties are quantifiable in their quality and receive a high long-term value through objective evaluation.

To ensure that you benefit from the appropriate certification, our consultants advise you on site-specific, user-oriented and energy-efficient criteria and guide you safely through the audits.


Office Buildings

These days, office space means more than just a place to work, which is why we design work spaces with both meeting rooms and creative zones in mind, custom-tailoring them to the specific needs of their users. Our office designs are based on sophisticated urban planning concepts, with an interior design that utilizes the space in the most efficient way possible.


Retail buildings

Retail spaces require dynamic concepts developed specifically for their individual locations. Whether local shopping centers, specialty retail stores, logistics warehouses, or neighborhood shops – we have significant expertise not only in creating these, but also with providing effective tenant management.



Ambience and location are the factors that contribute most to a hotel’s success, so we work to optimize the hotel’s concept and help it to smoothly fit it into its urban surroundings. Our urban planning expertise comes fully into play in our effective integration of hotels into their surrounding neighborhoods.


Extended-Stay Residences and Micro-Apartments

“Smart” and “digital” are the features that will set serviced and micro-apartments apart in this market niche in the future. We already have reference properties in this modern market and can advise you on many of the different options available.



We can identify the potential in existing buildings and will work with you to develop state-of-the-art concepts to revitalize your building and give it a fresh new start: this is how we create exciting, impressive new real estate concepts in a mature market.

Looking for individualized commercial real estate? Let’s talk!

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