Digital real estate

Smart buildings revolutionize our living and working spaces. We are, today, already integrating intelligent technologies into our projects as we constantly move forward.

Sensors and intuitive apps are transforming buildings into digital services providers for users and operators. Along with control, maintenance and analysis features, we are constantly integrating new functions and services.

Transparency has its methods

Standardized, agile and continuously developing processes enable transparent project control and extremely smooth-running operations, contributing an equal level of support to product quality, as well as to the economic success of the entire project.

On the basis of established methods, and with the involvement of all of our project partners, we are developing our own digital processes. This allows us to constantly gain new knowledge in the form of data that we can then use to optimize our processes.


Optimized virtual building design and construction with a continuously growing database


Efficient, continuous process control from planning to the use phase


Agile management of complex and iterative development projects

Transformation through responsibility

We are meeting the demands of digital transformation by consistently advancing our management and employee strategy.

Access to knowledge and the ability to make quick decisions are the success factors in our business. Our Bauwens Academy and digital infrastructure offer individualized advanced training and optimal knowledge transfer. This empowers our employees to act entrepreneurially and to take on responsibility.

Tradition meets disruption

With an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, we have, since year one, successfully taken advantage of opportunities to enter new areas of business. We therefore see digitalization as an engine for positive change.

We are investing in trend-setting technologies and developing a service-centered portfolio that serves the wishes of our customers. Our early entry into innovative business projects has meant that we are also constantly expanding our expertise.


App for Intuitively Controlling Digital Real Estate and Associated Services

Energy solutions

Decentralized, Project-Specific Alternatives for Heating and Electricity

Special request management

Digital consultation and support services for private and business clients

Innovation starts now. Let’s talk!

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